You found us!


But is how do people find your website?


Your website can have different goals. In many cases, the desire is a number of visitors that is skyhigh. The employees of Developid.nl are specialists in this online field and we develop a strategy to generate more visitors. This strategie is more than just a website and a logo. We call it 360!

What we do: We give your business a 360-scope!


We know that visitors can become customers are when they are satisfied, they even become promoters of your business.For example "Nike-fans" and "Canon-fans".



Promoters to tell their friends about the product they purchased online, just got delivered at their house and how satisfied they are with it. A bit later, they are talking about your business and/or your website. The bigger your promoters group becomes the faster you should think about your own event. Just imaging that your compnay has it's own event. What would your satisfied customers do there?


If more people promote your products and company, more visitors will be coming to your website. It is important that potential buyers of the products (or services) find it on your website by search engines like Google for example. If they can find your website, it is then up to them to actually visit your website.


Website Optimization


(Search Engine Optimisation, SEO) ensures that your website is indexed properly on various Internet search engines. Well be found in Google, Bing and other search engines can give your company an amazing boost. Can make a successful business of a business succesful.


When your website is hardly discoverable online, this could lead to a quick bankruptcy. If your website is not found it is unlikely that new potential customers will visit your website, let alone request information or buy products. In this way, the continuity of your business is questionable ...and others decrease their market share!

Take action!


Make sure that your website pages are easily found on the Internet, either independently or with help of the Developid team!